Cozumel Health Massage & Chiropractic


$70.00 US

Marine Algae Wrap
Initiated by a full body cleansing treatment with ALOE VERA cream, opens your pores, encouraging the hydrating marine algae body wrap to penetrate and detoxify your skin. Allowing for a full body relaxation the mind body and soul.

$75.00 US

Fango (Mud Wrap)
Fango is Italian for mud which is highly mineralized.  It is heated and applied to the body with the purpose of detoxifying, soothing and stimulating the skin.

$65.00 US

Salt Scrub
This invigorating full body treatment uses a blend of sea salt, mineral salt, and essential oils that exfoliates dull surface skin cells improves circulation and leaves the skin feeling softer and smoother. 

$55.00 US

Sunburn Treatment
Soothing cold packs are placed over the affected area and followed by an application of pure lavender oil to reduce the pain of sunburn skin. .

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